Pokémon GO has taken the world by storm. The Japanese animated series Pokémon and everything about it used to be very popular in the 90s. You might remember the battle scenes, the friendship or one of the main characters, the cute Pikachu.

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Throughout time, the interest of the public seemed to have faded away. But thanks to Pokémon GO, the world of Pokémon made a huge comeback. Many people simply love it.

It has made more than $14,000, since it was launched. It is topping download charts and breaking all manner of records. The game has taken over the lives of many people that own smartphones. The game has leveraged the classic TV series and video game Pokémon, with the introduction of GPS and augmented reality, giving life to these colourful creatures.

The healthcare community including medical doctors and mental health professionals has praised this mobile game claiming that it will potentially improve the physical and mental health of players.

However, this game also attracted some controversies with some quotas dues to the reports of being a public nuisance and causing accidents at some locations.

If you are not that familiar with the whole game and the concept behind it, suggest you to check out this basic intro and continue reading on to learn more about locating and catching ’em all in detail.

What’s the core of the game? Of course, it’s catching Pokémon!

Pokémon Go has become an internet phenomenon in a matter of days. In its simplest form, Pokémon uses the built-in clock and GPS in your smartphone to figure out when and where you are when the game opens. Once you have the game open, the game fills the world around you with Pokémon. This implies that you will be looking at the world, through camera and screen of your phone. Here is everything that you need to know about this game. 

Where to download Pokémon GO?

The game is free to download, although you can purchase currency in the form of Poké coins that will enable you to buy more items.


You may download it here:

iPhone and iPad users


Always make sure to download the official app as there are fake apps out there too.

How to play Pokémon GO?

Creating your account

As a first-time player, you need to log into the app to create your avatar. You are given an option to customize the avatar by choosing the style, skin, hair and eye color that you want. Once the avatar is created, it is displayed along with a clear map of your immediate surroundings. Below is an example of a customized avatar (character).

Avatar example created in Pokemon Go

The map also includes other features such as PokéStops and Pokémon gyms, which are typically located at public parks and fountains, historic buildings, public art installations, places of worship, cenotaphs, public parks and other places of cultural significance.

The gameplay seems complex but it isn’t. You are dropped into a strange world that you must master by finding out how everything in it works. Basically, all that is required is to loiter around in order to catch random fake creatures.

Check the video of Pokémon Go Gameplay first look here

Choosing your first Pokémon

Players are formally introduced to the game by a Professor Willow. The professor will walk you through the basics on how to catch Pokémon; the main aim of the game. You are presented with a choice of three starter Pokémon you can learn to catch; Squirtle, Bulbasar and Charmander.

But there’s a fourth hidden option, too: and that’s Pikachu. To catch a Pikachu, however, you need a little bit of patience. You’ll have to ignore all of the first three Pokémon offered to you by Prof Willow and just walk away from them.

These Pokémon will keep following you around for a short while and then disappear before appearing again. If this is done four times, a Pikachu will show up. This is when you capture it. Having said this, catching a Pikachu doesn’t seem to have a major advantage to you, since you’ll most likely come across much stronger a Pokémon later on. Immediately, the creature you selected will pop up on your mobile screen as shown bellow.

Pokemon Go Pokestop

This video takes you over how to catch the EPIC EGG POKÉMON

Catching Pokémon

After you have selected your starter, then you learn capturing it. This is where play and reality of this game combine. The proceeds to launch your smartphone camera, with the creature lying on top of view of the camera, so that it appears real. At the bottom end, you will find your Pokéball. This is the one that you use to capture.

Each Pokémon has a red, green or yellow ring surrounding it. The ring is an indicator of how difficult it is to catch that specific Pokémon. Red Pokémon are the most difficult to capture, yellow Pokémon are intermediate while the green ones are the easiest to catch.

If you toss it too far or too near, the Pokéball won’t help you do anything. To get it just right, you actually need to hit the Pokémon. How to know if you are doing it right?

Underneath each Pokémon are footprints that show their proximity to your location. If there are no footprints, then that is an indication that they are very close making it easy to catch it. Silhouettes of Pokémon indicate that they have not been discovered yet.

When you press on the Pokéball, a ring will show up around the Pokémon. If you see a green ring around it, that means the Pokémon is an easy catch for you, while a red ring would mean it’s tougher to catch and need to adjust your distance from the Pokémon. If you hold down the Pokéball, the rings will also change in size.

This is especially useful in case of harder-to-catch Pokémon as this improves your odds to catch them are improved, which is unlikely to happen if the ring is smaller at the time of releasing the Pokéball.

Each captured one is worth 100 stardust and 100 XP points. New ones added to the Pokédex, a catalogue containing all of your Pokémon, will bring you extra 500 XP.

The Pokédex, which can be accessed by tapping on the Pokéball, keeps track of all your Pokémon and tells you how many species you’re yet to encounter or capture. For the species of Pokémon you’ve encountered and caught, it will give you a lot of detailed information, including its height, weight, type, and also their evolutionary chain (like Charmander to Charmeleon to Charizard).

There numerous types of Pokémon including electric, fire, grass and water. The type of Pokémon you will find is determined by your location. For example, if you are near a river, then you are most likely to encounter water-based Pokémon. You can also acquire Pokémon by catching eggs and putting them in an incubator. Eggs will only hatch after you walk a certain distance. You can also use incense to attract Pokémon to your location for thirty minutes.

Pokemon GO in-game aspects

Pokémon GO has several aspects that make up the augmented reality game. These include in-game currencies, Pokéstops, gyms and in-game items.


In the game, Pokéstops are locations where items can be found. In the augmented real world however, they are represented by crucial landmarks. These landmarks are indicated on the map as important local destinations and locations.

Visiting these Pokéstops is the primary way of getting in-game items. When you walk close to a landmark, you will activate it. A spinning Pokéball will appear on your screen. You then tap this Pokéball to acquire items such as potions, Pokéballs, Lucky eggs and Revives.

Additionally, you can activate lure modules when you are at a Pokéstop. Lure modules increase the possibility of Pokémon appearing near the Pokéstop. The modules are marked on the map by a group of hearts.

If you claim these items from the Pokéstop, it’s icon turns from blue color to purple. Having said this, Pokéstops refresh every 5 minutes or so, which means you can return later to collect even more items.

However, not all items can be readily available at the Pokéstops. You have to purchase some items using coins that you either buy as in-app purchases or earn at gym battles.

Training your Pokémon

Training your Pokémon is ideally the most important part of Pokémon GO. In order to train your Pokémon you need several in-game currencies. Using these currencies, you will be able to increase the Combat Power (CP) of your Pokémon.

The primary in-game currencies are stardust and candy while the secondary ones are coins and experience points (XP). Combat Power is a stat that shows you how strong your Pokémon is. It is a singular indicator of the level of the Pokémon and its collective power.

Action at the Gym

Once you hit level 5, you are able to select one of the teams; Mystic (blue), Instinct (Yellow) or Valor (red). There is no much difference in the teams, in terms of game play. However, it is advisable to use a team that is popular in your neighbourhood.

Teams normally fight against each other to own the gyms. Once you visit an opponent gym, you can attempt a takeover by fighting Pokémon. Once the gym belongs to your team, you can move up the ranks by sparring with Pokémon. If your Pokémon can maintain control in a certain friendly gym, then your players will earn higher rewards.

Watch Out For Lure Modules

The Lure Module can draw Pokémon out from their hiding spot. This Module is quite potent and can be used at a specific location for a limited period of time (30 minutes). A PokéStop which has a Lure Module attached to it is marked by pink petals. This also makes such PokéStops good locations to find and catch Pokémon. If you wander around in your street or a nearby park, you will get to see Lure Modules which have been put down by other game players and probably lots of other people also hanging around them.


Candy is used to evolve and power up your Pokémon. In the game, there are several ways through which a player can obtain candy. The first way is by visiting Pokéstops.

You may find candy at Pokéstops but the chances of being successful are quite low. You may also obtain candy by hatching lucky eggs as you walk around. Lucky eggs are also hard to come by.

However, the primary way of amassing a lot of candy is through capturing as many Pokémon as possible. When you have several similar Pokémon, you can send the extras to Professor Willow who will give you candy in exchange. The candy you receive is specific to the type of Pokémon you trade in.

Capturing many types of Pokémon allows you to gain different varieties of candy. You get three candies for each Pokémon you trade. Once you have enough candy you can now power up or evolve your Pokémon.


You can use stardust to make your Pokémon stronger. However, you need a lot of stardust. When you capture Pokémon, you will be awarded stardust alongside candy and experience points. 

Unfortunately, you cannot get stardust for trading in your captured Pokémon. In order to have a significant collection of stardust, you have to take over gyms. In Pokémon Go, gyms are locations that are tied to real-world area. Here is where you get to battle other players.

Placing Pokémon at these gyms earns you stardust. Also, you can earn more stardust by taking over other player’s gyms and stationing other Pokémon to defend it. When you level up you can encounter higher level Pokémon and increase your CP.

Bottom Line

You can spend actual money on Pokécoins. After that, you can purchase Egg Incubators, Lures and Pokéballs using Pokécoins. There is no need of buying Pokéballs. They are easy to take at Pokéstops. Other items like Lures can be quite tempting. However, they can still be found if you prefer a free experience.

Useful tips and tricks how to play Pokémon GO

Battery life

If you are actively searching for Pokémon, your battery will get drained pretty soon. You have the option to use Battery Saver and to play more. However, if you will be away for the whole day, the smart thing to do is to get a power bank too.

Battery saver

When you still want to look for Pokémon, but you have other tasks to accomplish too, disable Auto-Lock. Your phone will still search for Pokémon as the display won’t turn off anymore.

Turning on Airplane Mode is an alternative too but you might miss out on important events both online and offline.

Turn on Airplane mode on iPhone

Pokémon health

They will lose health when they train or fight. A fainted Pokémon can be revitalized with Revive, while a potion adds extra 20 HP points and a Super Potion brings 50 points.

Other hints

  • If you want to draw nearby Pokémon, get incense, which can be found in the shop. It will be active for half an hour.
  • It is possible to turn off the camera, which provides you the augmented reality. Some players are more successful in this way as the Pokémon become easier to target.
  • Not all Pokémon are equals. They have their strengths and weaknesses: the higher the CP level, the better. However, the type is most important.
  • You can either buy or earn Lucky Eggs. They will double your experience and help you get more powerful quicker.

Videos can help you improve your skills in the game.

Learn how to battle the gym

Also you can find out answers to any question you might have from fans who already know a lot about the game. Security-related concerns and confusing features might rank high on your list. YouTube has an answer for those as well, whether we are talking about email safety or the nearby feature, which can help you advance in the game.

You can also see how other people play it in real life

You might have stopped wondering about how to play Pokémon GO and the essentials by now. Try Pokémon GO yourself and discover whether you will get its huge popularity.


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