Wanna Catch ‘Em All? 10 Pokémon Go Websites You Need to Follow

It is safe to say that since the release of Pokémon Go, the game has taken the world by storm.

People from all walks of life are getting into the game and playing it on a daily basis.

Pokémon Go has managed to hit on the perfect combination of nostalgia, social gaming and a cool augmented reality concept which has made the game addictive!

However, if players want to succeed and catch all 151 Pokémon in the game – and the new Pokémon that are coming in future releases – then they are most likely going to need a little bit of extra help!

That’s why we have scoured the web for ten of the best Pokémon Go websites where you can pick up helpful tips, talk strategies and even meet up with other players in your local area.

These are the 10 Pokémon Go websites that every player needs to follow:

1 – PoGo Toolkit (www.pogotoolkit.com)

PoGo Toolkit is a really useful website when it comes to evolving your Pokémon. The site features a smart little evolution calculator which is going to help you decide which characters are worth evolving so that you do not waste your hard-earned candies!

By selecting a Pokémon from the list and entering its CP you can see what level the evolution is likely to be.

For example, we entered a 555CP Growlithe and learned that it would evolve into an Arcanine with a CP in the range of 1259 to 1309.

PoGo toolkit

2 – The PokéCommunity (www.pokecommunity.com)

PokéCommunity is a forum that is dedicated to all things Pokémon and it is by no means the first forum of its nature.

But lots of users have said that they find it as one of the easiest forums to navigate as its structure is made by grouping posts by individual questions rather than sorted into categories.


There is a complete section on the forum that is dedicated to Pokémon Go (Look under the Gaming section) and it also has some sub categories as well to make things easier to find.

3 – Pokémon Go DB (www.pokemongodb.net)

Pokémon Go DB is striving to be a one stop shop in terms of all things Pokémon Go. They are building up a comprehensive database covering all aspects of the game.

Just some of the features that can be found on the site include a complete Pokedex full of all of the relevant information about the different Pokémon that are currently available in the game as well as fully comprehensive guides, stats, moves charts and egg hatching guides.

There is a massive amount of really useful information on the site for beginners and experienced Pokémon Go players alike.

Pokemon GO database

4 – Pokémon Go Pro (www.pokemongopro.com)

Pokémon Go Pro is probably one of the very first Pokémon Go communities or forums that was set up when the game first launched.

Pokemon GO pro

The site is divided up into categories dedicated to various aspects of the game including strategies, trading, game news and even adventure logs to discuss your Pokémon Go adventures.

There are also other section with resources including a complete Pokedex to check out everything you need to know about the various different Pokémon.

5 – Pokémon Go Global (www.pokemongoglobal.com)

The Pokémon Go Global site contains a variety of resources relating to the Pokémon Go game.

Just some of these resources include a complete Pokedex of the first 151 Pokémon that have been released in the game so far and a list of known spawn locations.

PokemonGO Global

The site also offers tips on battery saving and detailed information about the various XP boosts that can be triggered in game.

6 – Pokémon Go Strategies from Prima Games (www.primagames.com)

Okay, so technically, this one is not an actual dedicated Pokémon Go website. Prima Games cover all manner of games across all of the different consoles and devices.

However, they do have a really great Pokémon Go Strategy page which we love! One of the great features is that it has a comprehensive Battle Type Chart which outlines which Pokémon types are most effective against the other types.

You can find this excellent resource useful when you need to decide which of your Pokémon to use when attacking a gym.

It is not a definitive guide since a great deal of your battle success also depends on your trainer level and the combat power of the Pokémon involved. But it will give you a great guideline to follow in order to increase your chances of winning by having more effective attacks.

Prima Games have a really great Pokémon Go Strategy page which we love

7 – The Silph Road (www.thesilphroad.com)

The Silph Road is quite possibly the ultimate online resource for Pokémon Go. Whatever it is you want to know about Pokémon Go it is pretty much guaranteed that you can find the answers on The Silph Road website.

There is a comprehensive guide to every single Pokémon species in the game with in-depth information about their stats and moves.

The Silph Road

There is also a really useful little tool to help you calculated your specific Pokémon’s Individual Value (or IV for short).This is not something that is accessible with the game itself, so this can be an invaluable tool when trying to figure out which Pokémon you want to spend candy and stardust on to upgrade and/or evolve and which ones you would be better off just transferring out!

Moreover, there is a thriving Reddit community that is linked to The Silph Road website and if you authenticate your Reddit user name then you can also gain access to some of the additional resources that The Silph Road has to offer.

You will also be able to use The Silph Road to connect with other Pokémon Go players in your area which adds another layer of fun to the game, since you will be able to arrange to meet up and play.

This is going to become especially important once the new updates introduce friend battles and trading into the game!

8 – Poke Crew (www.pokecrew.com)

We all know that walking around town looking for those gyms and Pokestops can be time consuming, especially if it is an area that you are not familiar with.


However, with the help of PokeCrew not only can you locate these places on a map very easily in order to navigate right for them, but also you can check out which type of Pokémon are commonly sighted in the area.

PokeCrew users are able to submit their sightings allowing other users to pinpoint potential spawn locations and/or nests for those tricky to catch Pokémon that have thus far managed to evade capture for you!

9 – Pokemapper (www.pokemapper.co)

Pokemapper is another website that can be used to track down those elusive Pokémon.

The website was set up by OpenRide, who are a ridesharing service that is pretty similar to Uber. It works using crowd sourcing, so relies on Pokémon Go players from all over the world submitting Pokémon sightings from their local area.


You can either search around your local area on the map to see what sort of Pokémon there or you can search by a specific Pokémon. This other option shows you where you need to travel in order to find one if you haven’t been having any luck in your local area.

There is also one really cool feature: If you register and log in on the site you can save your own personal Pokémon map!

10 – Niantic Blog (www.nianticlabs.com/blog/)

It may go without saying, but obviously when you are looking for the latest news about Pokémon Go it is always best to get it straight from the horse’s mouth!

In this case, that means getting it from the game developer themselves, Niantic.

Nianticlabs BLOG

It is a great idea for players to follow the Niantic blog as this is where you will find all of the latest official updates about the game as well as some pretty interesting behind the scenes stories.

You find it especially useful if you are the sort of player who likes to delve a little bit deeper into the games that you spend your time playing.


In Conclusion, if you really want to get the most out of playing Pokémon Go then you are going to dedicate some time to learning about the game and to finding out what is available to you in your local area as much as you can.

These websites can be a great help to you in that respect.

Whether you are looking to find out about local spawn points, meet other players in your home town or even just finding out how powerful your favourite Pokémon actually is then you can definitely find that information by following these Pokémon Go websites.

Wanna Catch ‘Em All? 10 Pokémon Go Websites You Need to Follow
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