Pokémon Go Plus and Other Cool Stuff

Now that Pokémon Go has pretty much been launched worldwide, most players have turned their attention to the must have Pokémon Go accessory – Pokémon Go Plus!

This wearable device is set to completely change the way people play Pokémon Go.

We will go into more detail about this cool Pokémon Go accessory in a minute, but suffice to say it is already the most sought after companion to the game even though it has not even been released yet!

The release date has already been pushed back and although the launch is now set for September, it is very likely that the demand for this device will create long waiting lists and with no doubt also inflated prices on eBay and other webstores!

In short, it is probably going to be a little while before most players are able to get their hands on the Pokémon Go Plus! The good news is that even if you may not be able to get your hands on a Pokémon Go Plus, there are plenty of other cool Pokémon Go accessories that you might want to check out while you are waiting!

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Pokémon Go Plus

Pokémon Go Plus is basically a small wearable device which connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

One of the biggest complaints against Pokémon Go is that although it is unquestionably getting people out of the house to get more exercise, it is still encouraging people to walk around with their attention drawn to their smartphone.

However, the Pokémon Go Plus device is here to change that. It is basically a small wearable device which connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and then notifies you of in game events via vibration and LED.

This means that you can put your phone back in your pocket without worrying that you might miss a rare Pokémon, because the device will let you know when you need to check your phone.

press the Pokémon Go Plus button to search the Pokestop

When you get within range of a Pokestop, your Pokémon Go Plus device will begin to blink and vibrate. You then simply press the Pokémon Go Plus button to search the Pokestop and simply tap or swipe them to add them to your inventory.

If you encounter a Wild Pokémon on your travels, the LED on the Pokémon Go Plus device will flash.

If it is a Pokémon that you have caught in the past, then you can simply push the button on your device in order to throw the Pokeball. The device will then flash with a rainbow led and vibrate to let you know if you were successful.

If it flashes red then you need to try again! If it is a new Pokémon you are going to have to open the app and catch it as normal.

Watch this video to get all the details about the Pokémon Go Plus device:

There is one update to video pre-review for Pokémon Go Plus device. It does require your Pokémon Go app to be open on your phone. We will keep you posted about this detail.

The device is compatible with iOS 8-9 and with Android 4.4-6. You will also need Bluetooth 4.0 or higher in order to connect to the device.

Full compatibility information is available on the official Pokémon Go website.

Pokémon Go Plus can be clipped onto a bag

The most common way to wear the Pokémon Go Plus device is on the wrist strap provided, but if for whatever reason you would not like to do that, the great thing is that it also detaches and can be clipped onto a bag or onto your pocket instead.

You can even just slip it into your pocket if that is more appropriate to your situation. This makes it incredibly versatile for a wide range of users.

The Pokémon Go Plus has been pushed back until September.

The Pokémon Go Plus device was originally slated to launch in July 2016, but that has been pushed back until September and it is now expected to be shipped from Amazon around August 30 in both US and UK.

The device is available to pre-order now on Amazon in the UK priced £40 although it has not been made available on Amazon in the US yet. The price was announced by Niantic as $34.99.

It is likely that these devices are going to be in high demand, so even ordering one on a pre-order basis is probably not a guarantee that you will get it as soon as it is released! Some sellers are already estimating that they will not be able to fulfil pre-order until October 7 due to the high demand!

Pokémon Go Plus Accessories

If you are one of the people who are lucky enough to get your hands on a Pokémon Go Plus, then you will probably would like to have some of the really cool accessories that are starting to make their way onto the market to trick out your new toy.

Shield for Pokémon Go Plus


One really cool thing about the Pokémon Go Plus is that you can actually personalize it to some extent. One of the new products available on Amazon doing exactly that is this Shield for Pokémon Go Plus.

This is essentially a wood veneer skin that you can put over your Pokémon Go Plus to protect it from scratches and knocks, pretty much the way you do with a phone case. There are multiple designs available including the three Pokémon Go Teams – Instinct, Valour and Mystic.

There are also various other designs available including a pink one, a camo pattern and some other cute designs. This is a great way to add a personal touch to your new Pokémon Go Plus.

Handlebar Mount Kit for Pokémon Go Plus

Many Pokémon Go players seem to do so on their bikes. It is a great way to cover more ground which is not only going to increase your chances of finding more Pokémon, but also it is going to add that all important distance to your eggs!

However, it is pretty difficult to monitor your smartphone and steering a bike safely! It is going to be much easier once Pokémon Go Plus is finally available as this cool little accessory will help you to stay focused on driving! Check this Bicycle Handlebar Mount Kit for Pokémon Go Plus. The mount is quick and easy to attach and uses strong cable ties to secure it tightly in place.

It has a compact design, so it will look well-placed on your bike.

Cool Accessories to Enhance Game Play of Pokémon Go

As we have mentioned already, Pokémon Go Plus is not yet available and even after its releasement, it may take a little before you can get one if the demand is as big as we are anticipating.

However, there are plenty of other gadgets around that you could buy to help enhance your Pokémon Go gameplay while you wait.

Pokémon Go Pokeball Aimer

Pokémon Go Pokeball Aimer

The first gadget might be a bit of a controversial one! This is a Pokémon Go Pokeball Aimer. It is designed to help you to aim your pokeballs in a straight line in order to increase your chances of catching Pokémon that you find in the wild.

The simple device clips over your phone and should fit most models. It has a gap in the middle which you will use to guide your finger across the screen towards the Pokémon. Some players see this as cheating, but others just see it as a helping hand! See more tips how to use Pokeballs to get Pokémon in this guide.

Pokémon Go Mount

the Pokémon Go Mount

If you are one of the majority of players who play Pokémon Go while riding your bike, then this product is for you. It will allow you to mount your phone on your handlebars.

We have already noted why this will be a great help for playing on a bicycle when we talked about the Pokémon Go Mount. The same applies to this, although it is for your entire smartphone rather than the Pokémon Go Plus.

Pokeball Power Bank

Pokeball Power Bank to charge phone while playing Pokémon Go

If you have been playing Pokémon Go for any length of time then you know it can drain your phone battery very quickly.

The majority of avid players have invested in a portable power bank to let them charge their phone on the move. If you are going to do that, then you might want to go ahead and buy this fantastic Pokeball Power Bank!

It is a 10000mAh power bank which should be able to charge your phone completely at least twice. The ball is about 3.5 inches in diameter and it has a strap to allow you to hook it on your wrist or attach it to your keys or backpack.

This means that you will always have power at hand in order to charge up your phone allowing you to play Pokémon Go for longer.

Powerfly Solar Powered Backpack

One of the coolest Pokémon Go accessories is Powerfly Solar Powered Backpack

One of the coolest Pokémon Go accessories that we have come across is this Powerfly Solar Powered Backpack. This is going to let you become the ultimate Pokémon Go Trainer!

It is a great 20 litre backpack that is big enough for whatever it is you need to carry around with you. It also includes a 2 litre hydration pouch with an over the shoulder drinking hose for you to fill up with water.

The really cool part about the Powerfly Solar Powered Backpackis that it actually comes with a removable solar panel and a portable 10,000 mAh powerbank which is compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android and GoPro devices.

The solar panel charges the powerbank as you walk around in the sunshine meaning that you will always have power to keep your phone charged up.

With this backpack you can go out hunting for Pokémon all day long if you want to! The backpack has that built in water pouch to help keep you hydrated, you have your power source and you even have room to carry extra supplies such as snacks, sunscreen and maybe even a change of clothes in case it rains!

This might just be the ultimate Pokémon Go accessory!

Cell Phone Hand Strap

Cell Phone Hand Strap for playing Pokémon Go on foot

If you are playing Pokémon Go on foot, then the bicycle mounts we have already reviewed are really not going to be all that much use to you! However, we do like the look of this Cell Phone Hand Strap which will fit a number of iPhone and Galaxy models.

It clips onto your phone to create a hand loop at the back. This gives you a more secure grip on your phone meaning that you are less likely to drop it when using it to catch Pokémon!

Cool Stuff to Show Love for Your Pokémon Go Team

Pokémon Go players know that your choice of team is very important! It is only natural that you want to show your team spirit with some Instinct, Valour or Mystic themed accessories!

There are plenty of those to go around! Here are a few of our favourites.

Pokémon Go Team Lawn Signs

Pokémon Go Team Lawn Signs

We have all seen those houses that put a picket outside showing that the kid who lives there is on the High School football team or whatever sport they play. Why not take it a step further and make it clear what team your family is in with these Pokémon Go Team Lawn Signs?

It could also be a cute idea to post one at a long held gym – presuming you get permission from the building! There is one sign for each team provided so even if your family is divided you can still represent your team.

The signs are non-reflective and are printed on both sides. The designs are vibrant and long lasting to really show your team spirit in style!

Pokémon Go Team Instinct Flag

Pokémon Go Team Instinct Flag

Another great way to show your team spirit is to get this Pokémon Go Team Instinct Flag! It is provided with ground stakes, or you can hang it from wherever you decide.

The flag’s dimensions are 3 feet by 5 feet and is made from a durable nylon and polyester blend. There are also Team Mystic and Team Valor versions of the flag available.

Pokémon Go Pin Back Button Badges

Pokémon Go pin back button badges

If you would prefer to be a little more subtle about your team loyalty then you may prefer these 1.5 inch Pokémon Go pin back button badges.

They come as a set of 4 – one for each of the three official Pokémon Go teams and one ‘Team Harmony’ badge which is a fan created team logo signifying team unity. After all, while we way wear different team colours, underneath we all are just Pokémon trainers!

Pokémon Go Inspired Team Decals

Pokémon Go Inspired Team Decals

With these Pokémon Go Inspired Team Decals you can show your team spirit wherever you go. These are perfect for your car window, but you can also use them on boats, bedroom windows or even on your laptop.

The durable vinyl is weatherproof and is guaranteed to last a minimum of 6 years when used outdoors.

Cool Pokémon Go Inspired Clothing

Pokémon Go Clothing

T-shirt features the Pokémon Go logo along with the words 'I'm just here for the Pokémon (Leave me Alone)

When you are out hunting for Pokémon, you might feel to look like a part of it so why not to pick up some cool Pokémon Go inspired clothing to wear while you are playing!

For example, this cute shirt features the Pokémon Go logo along with the words ‘I’m just here for the Pokémon (Leave me Alone)’! It is perfect for those moments when you just want to sit in the park farming a Pokestop and throwing out lures without anyone bothering you!

It is also available in a fitted women’s style if you prefer.

Pokémon Go T-shirt with printing 'Going to the Gym'

We also love the design of this Pokémon Go T-shirt with printing ‘Going to the Gym’!

Because let’s face it – ever since Pokémon Go was released most of us by saying that we are hitting the gym mean that we are hitting a Pokémon Gym – not going to pump some iron for sure! The T-shirt is available in red, blue or yellow to co-ordinate with the three Pokémon Go team colours!

cool Pokémon Go Themed Ball Cap

Now that you are going to be spending a lot more time outdoors, it is probably a good idea to take steps to protect yourself from the sun and the rain.

What better way to do that than this cool Pokémon Go Themed Ball Cap? It is available in three colour designs to match the three Pokémon Got teams and it also features the relevant team logo!

Other Cool Pokémon Go Stuff

These Pokémon Go themed items are the other cool stuff that we came across which doesn’t quite fit into the specific categories, but in our opinion will appeal to Pokémon Go fans!

Pokémon Go Gear Shift Knob

awesome Pokémon Go Gear Shift Knob

This awesome Pokémon Go Gear Shift Knob is shaped like a Pokeball and it is the perfect way for players to give their vehicle a little makeover!

It is designed for vehicles that have a screw type shift knob and it is supplied with two different sized adaptors to ensure that it is compatible with as many vehicles as possible.

Pokémon Go Checklist Poster

Pokémon Go Checklist Poster contains all of the known Pokémon

Another item to be popular among fans of the game, especially younger players, is this Pokémon Go Checklist Poster.

It is designed to be fitted on the door and comes in 2 standard door sizes for the perfect fit. It has high resolution printing on silk fabric cloth to ensure that it is long lasting.

It contains all of the known Pokémon in Pokémon Go including the unreleased legendary birds, Mew and Mewtoo along with a check box next to each one so that you can mark when you have captured it.

Pokémon Go Log Book

Pokémon Go Log Book is available in both paperback and kindle formats

If you like the idea of having a checklist, but you would prefer something a little bit more portable then you will love this Pokémon Go Log Book which is available in both paperback and kindle formats.

The log book is set up for you to enter the date of capture, location of capture, time of capture and personal comments for each of the 151 Pokémon currently released.

Not only is Pokémon Go Log Book fun to fill out, but it will make a great little keepsake in years to come once the buzz of Pokémon Go is all over!

Pokémon Go iPhone Case

Pokémon Go iPhone case is going to offer your phone some extra protection

When you are out and about on your Pokémon hunting trips, one of the big concerns that players have is dropping their phone. This Pokémon Go iPhone case is going to offer your phone some extra protection.

The case covers the back and corners of your phone and is easy to be fitted onto your iPhone. It is available in 3 separate designs to reflect the three Pokémon Go teams and each of the designs is scratch resistant and will not rub off.

Pokémon Go Team Instinct iPad Cover

hard plastic Pokémon Go Team Instinct iPad Cover

If you use your iPad to play Pokémon Go, or even if you just want to represent your team when using your device then you will love this hard plastic Pokémon Go Team Instinct iPad Cover.

It has a really cool Pokémon Go Pokedex design. This one is Team Instinct inspired, but there are Valor and Mystic iPad cases available from the same seller albeit in a slightly different design.

Pokémon Go Dog Bandana

Pokémon Go Dog Bandanna which says 'I Go On So Many Walks'

One thing that we have seen a lot of Pokémon Go players mentioning is that their dogs are loving Pokémon Go as well, because they get so many extra walks!

Having this in mind, why not get a little something for the dog too! We love this Pokémon Go Dog Bandana which says ‘I Go On So Many Walks’. It is available in three different colours: blue, red and black.


Even if Pokémon Go Plus is not available yet, there are so many other cool accessories Pokémon Go players are going to love!

These cool accessories include stuff to enhance gameplay like pokeball aiming tools and portable power banks to stuff that you can use to show your team spirit!

Get kitted out in T-shirts and caps, or adorn your home with flags and other team symbols!

It is important to note that aside from the Pokémon Go Plus none of these items are official products from Niantic or Nintendo, but rather products from independent manufacturers who have been inspired by the game’s popularity.

It doesn’t mean that they are not a huge amount of fun! But be aware that there might be some slight differences in graphics and so on.

Pokémon Go Plus and Other Cool Stuff
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